Joint winners

Joint winners

The International Typographic Award 2014

Nominated from an overview of all Premier Awards, in all categories. Awarded to the item judged to be a significant typographic achievement, that catches the imagination of the judges, and exemplifyies outstanding typographic excellence. This year two Premier Awards were chosen as overall winners – their contrasting scale and approach is particularly pleasing.

Awarded jointly to:

Title Eros und Thanatos, Tagträume von Begehren und Erfüllung Eros and Thanatos, Reveries of desire and fulfilment
Studio MMKoehn
Art direction Maria Magdalena Koehn, Maria Ondrej
Designer Maria Magdalena Koehn
Category Books

Title The Comedy Carpet, Blackpool
Studio Why Not Associates
Art direction Gordon Young and Why Not Associates
Designers Gordon Young and Why Not Associates
Category Integrated design/Campaigns