What people say

What people say

The international design community comment on the ISTD International Typographic Awards.

Having awards that focus purely on the designer’s typographic endeavour, emerging from any discipline, is a great reminder that as the visual arts increasingly merge and move onto screen, typography can be a subtle and engaging craft in its own right.
Robert Boon 

The standard of entries is noticeably higher than other awards I have judged. Knowing that you’re competing with the best work around and ISTD’s knack of assembling a team of fine international judges makes an ISTD Typographic award a bit special.
Ian Cartlidge

… We are making a conscious effort to position the ISTD Typographic Awards at the other end of the spectrum to D&AD. If D&AD is all about ‘becoming green with envy’ (Simon Waterfall), the perspective of ISTD is in examining and celebrating the role of typography in an ever changing industry.
Gilmar Wendt 

It was refreshing to be able to reward less precious pieces such as L’Autre Journal and the El Pais supplement. I think the idea of the ISTD Awards is extremely valuable and focuses designers on the importance of typography.
Stephen Coates

… I was invited to be a jury member for the ISTD International Typographic Awards. In addition to the fact that the awards procedure was very well organised, it was an enjoyable encounter with a most distinguished international group of colleagues. It was good to see the high level of entries from many parts of the world.

The high standards made it difficult to make the final choice. Decision making took a course along very interesting discussions and critical remarks. In principle it was a great learning experience for the jury members; we went home richer than we came.
Wim Crouwel 

ISTD Typographic Awards are tough to win and vital in raising, and maintaining, typographic standards in this new ‘type age’.
Janice Kirkpatrick 

The ISTD International Typographic Awards have always been important to UNA. Once every few years you realise what you’ve done rightly or wrongly when you fill in the entry form. And then of course it’s always nice that the ISTD, in some cases, agrees with us …
Will de l’Ecluse

The best thing about an event like this is the enthusiasm that it brings out in people.
Erik Spiekermann