Barrie Tullett’s Typographic Dante at the National Poetry Library, South Bank, London SE1 8XX until 30 June

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paradise_1 Canto 1 72dpi.jpg

The Typographic Dante: Paradise, Canto I, Invocation


Dante_Inferno_Canto XI The stench of the Abyss cropped 72.jpg

The Typographic Dante: Inferno, Canto XI, The Stench of the Abyss


Dante_Purgatory_Canto XIV The Envious cropped 72.jpeg

The Typographic Dante: Purgatory, Canto XIV, The Envious


100 typographic works over 30 years, illustrating the Cantos from the Divine Comedy. Divided into the Divine Comedy's 3 parts of the Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise, ISTD member Barrie Tullett has taken one obsolete technology for each: letterpress for the Inferno, a typewriter for Purgatory and Letraset for Paradise (Paradise is not yet complete). These beautiful images are not to be missed.

Barrie is Programme Leader for Graphic Design at Lincoln and also runs the Caseroom Press.

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