2021 Digital Submission

2021 Digital Submission

Due to the global Covid–19 pandemic we have altered our usual assessment and students can now submit their projects digitally.

We are aware that students will have been affected in many ways, resulting in education institutions moving to online-only provision. In most places there is no access to facilities or face-to-face tutorials. We hope that by altering our process we will help students continue with their academic studies and make their submission to our assessment. At the heart of our assessment is the best interest of the student – this remains our focus during this challenging time.

We have created a document which sets out specific guidance for digitally submitting your portfolio of work for the ISTD Student Assessment. Please download it below.

PDF ISTD 2021 Digital Submission Guidance

Submission process

  1. Ensure your tutor has registered you and your fee has been paid
    You and your tutor will be notified by email that this has been completed. You cannot submit unless your fee has been paid.

  2. Check this guidance document to prepare your portfolio
    We have provided some guidance/suggestions as to how you may consider presenting your portfolio of work digitally. Ultimately we want to make this process as simple as possible, so, please present your work in the most appropriate way that you feel best represents your submission.

  3. Use your submission link to upload your work for final submission
    Once your fee has been paid you (the student) will receive an individual secure link to submit your work.

  4. Follow the online upload guidance for each requirement of your submission
    There are separate fields for your final outcomes and your supporting documents (strategy, specifications, research & development and any supporting images or videos). You can also specify up to 5 images for use in publications or promotion.

  5. Use the checklist and submit your work!
    You will receive confirmation of your submission via email.

If you have any queries, please contact education@istd.org.uk