Institutional Membership allows us to improve ongoing communication between ISTD and tutors and, importantly, maximise the benefits to typographic education through use of our considerable archive of student typographic design. Our hope is that, as this area develops, we may develop the benefits and resources.

offers the following —

Registration Fee discount
Member institutions receive a 20% discount on student Registration Fees for the Student Assessment.

Member institutions receive copies of ISTD related publications and all other occasional publications during each year of membership. Institutional members are also entitled to discounted back-issues of publications bought online.

Membership Certificate
Each member institution receives an annual Institutional Membership Certificate that may be displayed publicly.

The ISTD logo may be used by member institutions for marketing purposes (with conditions for use).

Invitations and, where applicable, discounts to all ISTD events, including exhibition openings, talks, lectures and workshops.

Staff Development
Staff from member institutions qualify for the opportunity to participate in one of our Student Assessments and be mentored by one of the ISTD Education Team.

Staff from Member Institutions have preferential access to the Education Team for consultation on the Student Assessment Scheme and other ISTD Education activities.

Institutional Presentations
Presentations on the work of ISTD and the Annual Student Assessment, by the Head of Education or members of the Education Team can be arranged with member institutions. 

Further information for applying for Institutional Membership is available from the Head of Education