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TypoGraphic 70

TypoGraphic 70

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Typographic 70 has been designed by Mirian Brüggen (who was awarded a Commendation in the 2017 ISTD Student Assessments) and edited by a new panel including Jim Northover, Tony Pritchard, Caroline Roberts and Catherine Dixon. It includes contributions by leading designers and educators from the society and beyond.

Articles included in this issue:

Henrietta Ross interviews Lucienne Roberts about three exhibition schemes that integrate a strong typographic expression of the changing nature of age, its perception and technology.

Valentina D’Efilippo presents a visual deconstruction of David Bowie’s Space Oddity and affords insights into the process behind the data visualisation project Oddityviz.

Ruth Sykes considers the impact women designers have had on UK typographic design over the last twenty years.

Paul McNeil has written about relationships between long-standing creative traditions and contemporary practices in generative design, adopting an appropriately integrated approach to the form and content of the article.

Alain Dujardin and Freda Sack respectively reflect on the continuing influence of De Stijl in its centenary year.

The journal concludes with a celebration of the recently awarded Honorary Fellows who, through their outstanding contributions to the discipline of typographic design, bridge the heritage of 20th century design to provide a legacy for the new members of the Society who joined in July 2017.

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